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Avoid the Sock Drawer And Other Predictable Clichés

Are you hiding your valuables in the sock drawer or freezer? If everyone knows that idea, it’s likely most burglars will also predict these spots. It turns out that some of the conventional wisdom and clichés about home security could be making you an easier target for burglars. Consider the following tips to prevent yourself from being too predictable.

  • Instead of the sock drawer, use a safe that is permanently mounted in your home. You can even consider a lockbox for valuables that you don’t need regular access to.
  • Privacy fencing and high shrubbery provide an easy place to hide while waiting to attempt a break-in. You can make it more difficult for burglars by planting some thorny landscaping in specific locations like under windows.
  • Lighting on a timer can be helpful to keep your home looking lived-in even when you’re out but scheduled lighting can also become noticeable if it’s too repetitive. If you control your lighting schedule from your phone, you can easily mix it up every once in a while to throw-off potential burglars.
  • The key under the doormat might save you in a pinch if you find yourself locked out, but burglars are very aware of the places people often hide keys. Smart door locks can be helpful because they allow you to lock and unlock your home from your phone or with a code that only you know!
  • Burglars are particularly aware of how many people are around your home. If you don’t live in a high traffic area, make sure you have other deterrents like a monitored security system, good outdoor lighting and possibly even video surveillance.
  • Don’t forget to sure-up security around your garage and/or shed especially if you store expensive tools in those locations. It can be valuable to paint or mark your tools in a unique way to make them more distinctive. This makes them more difficult to sell quickly and easy to ID if the police catch your burglar with them.
  • Dogs can be a deterrent but some burglars have planned ways to distract them- rendering them useless as a guard. Consider a more high tech security system. Wireless is best since burglars sometimes cut the phone lines before attempting a burglary, which disables old-fashioned systems that are connected to landlines.
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