How-To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of those catch phrases you always hear on home improvement TV shows. Most people, however, will only see the front of your house so it makes sense to spend some time and energy sprucing up the front of your home. If you’re looking to build the value of your home, curb appeal is essential.

We have some tips for boosting the appeal of your front door in particular.

Spruce up your door- Front doors don’t have to be boring. From gorgeous windows to trim, color and woodwork, there are many ways to make a front door a statement piece. If you don’t have money set aside for a new door, your old boring door can be transformed pretty easily with a paint job. Statement colors are becoming more and more popular for front doors and if you become comfortable painting your door, you can change it up every couple of years if you feel like it. Whether you choose something bright and cheery or calm and mellow, a splash of color makes a big difference in the appearance of your whole home.

Choose décor that you can switch out- Things like wreaths and doormats are impactful and you can easily change them depending on the season or even just your feelings. Whether you want to DIY these pieces or buy them, there are a ton of options available to fit your personal style. Adding some planters with greenery and/ or flowers around your door can help frame the space and bring some life to the area.

Post your home number- Make sure your door number is visible from the road. This is particularly important for emergency response, but it also can be a beautiful statement piece as a part of your curb appeal. Get ideas from other homes on the block and surfing Pinterest for ways to incorporate this number in a creative way or go with a classic approach.

Upgrade your doorbell- You probably don’t think about your doorbell much. You might even dislike it if you don’t like opening the door to stranger or if your chime is too loud or too quiet. A video doorbell not only gives your home’s curb appeal an unexpected, high-tech edge, it can make your life much easier by letting you “answer” your door from anywhere.  You will be able to see who’s at your door and respond to them in real time through a smartphone app. Plus…check-in to do  live monitoring at any time day or night; be notified on your phone when the doorbell is pressed; and coordinate with smart locks (you should upgrade to those, too) all in one place through the Guardian App. You’ll see your curb from a whole new angle – a surprise bonus for your home improvement efforts.

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