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Take Part in Preventing Crime

For nearly 30 years, October has been recognized as “National Crime Prevention Month”.  Started by the National Crime Prevention Council, this month focuses on promoting awareness of varieties of criminal offenses. For the next month, and all year long, we need to celebrate law enforcement and other individuals who proactively prevent crime. Guardian Protection Services would like to do its part in educating the public, especially Guardian customers, about crime prevention and how together, we can help reduce crime.

Set Up a Neighborhood Crime Watch

A Neighborhood Crime Watch group will lead to long-lasting benefits for your community. Guardian supplies Neighborhood Crime Watch signs to local police departments or crime watch groups located in Guardian’s market area . For the last 12 years, Guardian has helped to protect thousands of citizens by way of improving neighborhoods through sign donation. The Neighborhood Crime Watch signs send a direct message to potential burglars, criminals or wrongdoers.  The signs are a constructive community resource to minimize crime, raise awareness, create a civic bond, and reassure residents that everyone in the community plays a role in keeping their home, family, and community safe.

Are you part of a neighborhood crime watch? Tell us how your Neighborhood Crime Watch sign has worked! Email: social@gpsx.net.

Share Safety Resources

As a part of our dedication to helping our customers prevent crime, we have written some resources about safety issues that can be shared in families and communities. We share print versions of these brochures at events but you can also view and share the digital versions at any time. Check out any that apply to your life and share them on social media!





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