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Guardian Files: Burglar at the Door

It was getting late one night, a little after 11 p.m. and though all was quiet in the house, Marian’s dog was acting up. Though she was ready for bed, she decided to look out the window. She never expected what would happen next.

There was a man’s face in the window looking at her! She was frozen in fear not knowing who this man was or what he was intending to do.

Luckily her teenage daughter thought quickly and pushed the panic button on her Guardian keypad triggering actions that would lead to the suspect being quickly apprehended. When her daughter pressed the panic button, Guardian’s award-winning monitoring center notified authorities that help was needed as soon as possible. The police arrived on the scene in minutes and followed the tracks from her window right to the man himself.

This story could have ended in burglary, injury or some other horrifying story, but now Marian and her family found a happy ending thanks to her dog and her Guardian system, a great team!

Tune in tomorrow for another truly scary story from the Guardian Files!

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