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Guardian Files: Fire When Home Alone

Imagine that your 14 year old daughter is home alone. She’s busily doing other stuff and is pretty oblivious to what else is happening in the house. Usually, that’s ok, but today the house was on fire. She didn’t have a clue.

By the time the fire trucks arrived on scene, the whole side of the house was on fire! Luckily, Virgil’s daughter had gotten out of the house. What urged her to get out? It turns out that the family’s monitored Guardian security devices had alerted Guardian’s monitoring center that a fire was likely. They called the house and the 14-year-old answered. They told her to get out right away! They also notified the fire department and called Virgil at work.

Someone had thrown a cigarette next to their fence which spread to the house. Though there was damage to the house, the firemen told Virgil that they were lucky that the fire was called in so soon. Most importantly, Virgil’s daughter was able to leave the house quickly and safely after Guardian notified her of what was going on. This scary moment for the family ended with everyone safe and sound, thanks to smoke detection monitoring from Guardian.

Tune in tomorrow for another truly scary story from the Guardian Files!

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