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Guardian Files: Heart Attack At Home

Natalie was just resting on the couch. Though she had a heart blockage and other health issues, she never expected to experience the most debilitating pain she’d ever felt. She couldn’t breathe or comprehend what was happening. It was a heart attack.

Before attempting to call 911, she pressed her medical pendant. As she tried to talk to the 911 dispatcher through her suffering, the dispatcher made her aware that Guardian had already made contact with the EMS and that an ambulance was on the way. Natalie could have been stuck on her couch unable to get the help she needed, but instead the paramedics arrived in 5 minutes followed quickly by her husband.

Guardian was able to provide assistance to Natalie, not only by notifying emergency personnel but also her husband, who could help calm her down.  With a simple touch of a button, help was notified making this terrifying and life-threatening medical event just another scary story to tell.

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