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Guardian Files: A Storm Is Coming

Everyone in the house was sleeping soundly in Ciegi’s home, unaware that a storm was coming. But it wasn’t any old storm. It was a tornado travelling with 100+ mph winds and it was within 20 miles of their home.

Ciegi’s family was awakened in plenty of time to move to the basement and improve their safety. But they weren’t alerted to this tornado in the way  they expected, that is, from the app on their phone. Instead, the alert came in the form of a tone from their Guardian keypad, a tone different from the one that signaled an intrusion alarm.

Luckily, the tornado didn’t strike Ciegi’s neighborhood directly that night, but if it had, her family would not have been caught unaware. Thanks to the National Weather Service severe weather warnings  which emitted as a special tone through their Guardian keypad, her family was able to move to a safer location to wait out the storm.

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