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Stay Cozy Without Paying A Fortune

It’s a well-known fact that winter brings  debate to households in cold climate: the great thermostat debate. If you’re a chilly person, you want to be able to keep your home cozy and comfortable. If you’re a frugal person, you want to be able to keep your energy costs down. These two desires  don’t necessarily have to be at war.

  1. Find a compromise and try to stick with it. The great thing about a programmable or automated thermostat is that you can literally set up a schedule and then forget about it. If you set up your thermostat schedule to make things cooler when you’re not home and warmer when you are (like through the evening), then you can save some money and never have to deal with that time when you’re waiting for the house to get warm. If you don’t have a programmable or automated thermostat, it’s time to invest.
  2. Stock up on cozy clothes/ blankets. There might still be some times where you wish the house were warmer but you don’t want to crank up the heat. Having a fuzzy blanket or extra comfy sweatshirt to put on can make it enjoyable to warm yourself up for free. Saving money never felt so nice!
  3. Embrace tea and cocoa. Again, it can be a treat to warm up, and an affordable one at that. A nice cup of tea, coffee or cocoa can do wonders to keep your whole body warmed up and it is quick and easy. You might not always be in the mood for a warm drink, but on occasion it can help you keep from defaulting to changing that thermostat number.
  4. Make sure that your home is prepped. Sealing air leaks, improving insulation in your attic, and putting a damper in your fire place are all manageable ways to keep your home naturally warm. Even leaving the window dressings open on occasion allows the sun to heat up your home without changing your bill. This step is a little less easy than the others but can have noticeable returns.

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