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Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids About Home Security

Home security techniques are very important even for kids to know! There are a couple of ways that you can make it fun for them to learn more about how to keep themselves safe at home. Having a monitored security system is a great first step, but it’s important for children to be able to understand what that system means to them and how they can use it.

  • istock_91630217_large-e1477946604523.jpgAdd security systems in play- Do your kids have a play house or a doll house? If not, find a way to make one and add it in to the play space. Involve the kids in turning a small box, cardboard shape or even paper into a security keypad with craft supplies. Kids will be excited to make their play realistic and have fun pretending to use the keypad. They can show their dolls how to do the same thing they watch their parents do every day when setting the real security system. This is a fun way to get kids used to a home alarm system being a part of their every day.
  • istock_81948697_large.jpgDo a safety scavenger hunt- Make a list of items for the kids to find. Some ideas include your alarm system keypad, the panic button, an emergency phone number list, fire ladders on the second floor, fire extinguisher, the phone (for calling 911). If you have several children around the same age, you can even have them race. Once all the items have been found, explain what they are all for.
  • istock_85350065_large.jpgFind safety word searches and coloring pages- You can find safety-themed activity pages online for free…especially fire safety ones. If your kids need a rainy day activity, this can be an easy one that leads to important learning. You can download our safety packet which  is also helpful (see link below).
  • istock_87247639_large.jpgUse songs to memorize- Teach your kids little songs to memorize their phone number, address and security password. You don’t have to be a musician to make this work… just pick any well-known tune and sing the info to the melody. You can pick a song your child already knows and redo it with this important info so they always remember it. Also make sure that you have a conversation about who is allowed to know this information (hint: not dangerous strangers).
  • Role play safety scenarios- What should kids do if someone comes to the door or window when their parents aren’t close by? What if the alarm goes off? Put your system on test and practice these situations with them so that they have realistic memories of what to do when emergency strikes instead of being overly flustered or confused.smart-sensors-blog.jpg
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