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Have a Safe Holiday Road Trip in 12 Steps

It’s almost time to go over the river and through the woods to your Thanksgiving destination. From Thanksgiving on, you might be facing a lot of holiday travels. Since you probably don’t have the option of flying in a magical sleigh like Santa, you might be taking your car. Here are some tips for a holiday road trip!

  1. Prepare your vehicle for long distance traveling. Have your car checked before leaving for your destination. Tires, breaks, windshield-wipers, and fluids should be evaluated and working for the trip.
  2. Plan Your Route; Use a GPS & Have a Map. Know what your itinerary is. Don’t swerve off or rush to an exit; know the information ahead of time.
  3. Buckle Up! Prevent serious injury in case of a crash.
  4. Leave Early. Give yourself time to get to your destination. You do not want to speed and drive recklessly because you didn’t give yourself enough time.
  5. Check the Weather. Snow storm? Ice Warning? Pack accordingly: ice scraper, blankets and a shovel.
  6. Keep Your Eyes on the Road. Drive cautiously. Note surroundings.
  7. Take Breaks. Stop along the way to stretch out your legs and enjoy fresh air. This will help eliminate the stresses of driving, especially if you hit traffic or a construction zone.
  8. Keep Your Cell Phone Charged. Keep in touch with family or friends while you make your way to your destination. Keep the phone handy in case of an emergency. Don’t text while driving!
  9. Keep Your Vehicle Locked & Hide Valuables. Keep luggage and wrapped gifts in your trunk. Don’t let sought after items be easily seen.
  10. Don’t Advertise Your Trip. Don’t overshare, especially on social media that you will be away from home. This is an easy way to become a burglar’s victim.
  11. Plan for Car Trouble. Have all phone numbers and paper work you will need in case of car trouble.
  12. Pack First Aid, Emergency Kit & Other Gear. Be prepared for in-car emergencies too, by packing extras that your family will need along the way.


We hope you have safe travels to the homes of loved ones the holiday season, or to your favorite getaway. Be prepared and drive carefully while on the roads!

Send us tips to make your road trip as safe as possible, we’d love to hear!

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