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Boost Your Home’s Security for the Holidays

During the holiday season there may be  areas of vulnerability in your home security. This is due to the likelihood that  you  have extra items in your house such as gifts and decorations and, like many families, you may spend part or all of the holiday season travelling. These combine to deliver new opportunities to potential burglars. Because these new opportunities  don’t exist all year round, burglars can be especially motivated to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in your home.

If you’re running late or have your hands full of packages, make sure you still lock your doors. Windows should also be locked at all times when the house is unattended. If you have a home security system make sure you are arming your system every time you leave the house, even you will be away for just a short time. Don’t make it easy for someone to enter your home.

  • Having smart locks is helpful because you can check whether your door is locked from your smartphone and even lock the door if you’ve forgotten. Integrated smart security and home automation gives you this option and more.

One upside to the holiday season is that your home is likely more well lit than it is at any other time of the year. Make sure that your lighting, inside and out, is on timers or can be controlled by your mobile device so that a burglar can’t tell whether you are home or not.

  • Light control modules allow you to create a lighting schedule, synchronize your lighting to other actions like arming your home security system or to have manual control from your smartphone. Integrated smart security and home automation give you this option and more.

If you have a Christmas tree in your window, this may help with the night lighting, but be sure that your gifts aren’t visible from the outside. That can be very tempting for a burglar. After the holiday is over, be equally careful about the way you dispose  of your empty packaging. If you have large boxes like TV boxes, don’t just leave them on the curb for pick up because  anyone who is paying attention will know what new technology you have in your home.

  • Want to make sure your windows are extra secure? A glass break detector will allow you to be notified and your security system to alarm if someone tries to break in to get at your presents. Integrated smart security gives you this option and more. 

Also beware of a newer method of thievery caused by  “porch pirates.” “Porch pirates” often follow delivery trucks through neighborhoods and steal packages shortly after they are delivered. If the tracking info says that a package has been delivered, but you can’t find it, your package may have been pirated.

Wishing you a safe and cozy holiday season!

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