How-to Silence Beeping on Your System

Below are the instructions to silence “trouble” beeping (for low battery, etc.) for common system panels:

Concord 4

  1. Arm/disarm system
  2. Or Perform a system status check by pressing ** on a touchpad

Simon XT

  1. Arm/disarm system
  2. Or Press STATUS key, followed by DISARM (no code needed)

Simon XTi/ Simon XTi5

1.Arm/disarm system

  1. Or Press STATUS & SETTINGS icon and press LISTEN next to Panel Status, followed by CLEAR

2 GIG Go! Control

  1. Press the trouble alert icon button
  2. If there are more than three alerts use up and down arrows to scroll through the list
  3. After viewing troubles press OK to acknowledge

Qolsys IQ/IQ2

  1. Press the Message icon (*)
  2. Press Messages/Alarms/Alerts button
  3. Select Acknowledge All and then press OK

First Alert/ Vista Keypad Panels

  1. Code and OFF key
  2. Or just hit OFF key

First Alert Touchscreens

  1. Select “Disarm” icon and enter valid code

DSC Systems

  1. Press # key to silence trouble beeping
  2. Press *2 to view trouble conditions


5 thoughts on “How-to Silence Beeping on Your System

    1. Hi James,

      If you don’t know what sort of panel you have, a customer service representative can look it up in your account information. Please call 855-779-2001 or email and we can help you out.

      Thank you for your patience,
      Katelyn G.
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

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