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New Guardian App features on the iPhone

1.jpgThere has been an update to the Guardian App on iPhones, allowing you to access your system controls easier than ever.

Now, basic controls from the Guardian App can be found as a widget in the “Today” section of your phone. You’ll find a quick link to choose the “Scenes” you have set up in the app. Your scenes are completely customizable from MyGuardianHome.com so you can automate a series of responding actions to follow any time/event that you frequently experience.

Scenes can include automations for when you are “Home” and “Away” or for times of the day like “Sleep,” “Wake Up” or “Movie Night.”

With a swipe from the top of the screen you can access the Today section of your phone. You also have the option to edit this section by scrolling down and choosing the edit button. Here you can choose what apps to feature and the order in which they appear. Make sure to add the Guardian App and move it to the top of your list for the easiest, one-touch control of your integrated smart security and home automation devices.

You can learn more about setting up “Scenes” in another one of our blog posts: “Guardian App ‘Scenes’ Gives Control With One Button.

Learn more about Guardian Edge Home Automation so you can get all the things you need to manage your home from one mobile app.

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