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New Year- New Technology

A new year provides many new opportunities to improve your life. If you’ve been enjoying the peace of mind a home security system can provide for a couple of years, a new year might be the perfect time to add- on to make your system smarter and more intuitive.

One of the great things about Guardian’s home security and smart home options is that you can start small and build as your needs change. If you initially have a security panel and a couple of sensors installed for intrusion detection, you have a lot of room for expansion.

  • Add more detection – You may be all set to detect a burglar but did you know Guardian can monitor for more? Adding a monitored smoke detector, heat detector, or carbon monoxide detector allows our monitoring center to be notified when an alarm is sounded. Help can be sent before you even have the chance to call. You can also use low temperature sensors to detect possible freezing of your plumbing.
  • Add a smart home device – From smart locks and thermostats to lighting and garage door control, you can manage more home devices from the Guardian app on your internet-connected smartphone. Smart devices are easy to add over time as you need them or you can get several installed at once. As you add devices you can use the Guardian app to make these devices work together with your security devices.
  • Add video security – Indoor security cameras often are mobile and don’t require much installation because they are often left mobile so you can move them whenever and wherever you want to. An outdoor or video doorbell camera is also a great add-on though both require a more in-depth installation process. Overall, any video security can really add to your home security experience since you can look-in on what’s going on at home wherever you have internet access.

If you’re interested in new technology to add to your home security system, you can reach out to Guardian to learn more. For certain products you might have a slight increase in your monthly payment, however, the functionality and convenience of your system will increase with every product you choose.

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  1. Louis March 9, 2017 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Has there been any thoughts to one day integrating Guardian Security technology in with the now popular Alexa voice activated tool from Amazon? It appears that many home systems are designing features to incorporate voice activation with Alexa.

    • kgarmong March 9, 2017 at 2:38 pm - Reply

      Hi Louis,
      Guardian does have an integration with the Amazon Echo. Right now the function is through the Alarm.com skill but we are in the process of expanding the functionality as we speak and developing a Guardian skill.

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