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Creative Smart Home Tricks

Smart homes provide many ways to make your life more convenient and functional, but if you are just using your devices at the base level they’re set up for, you’re missing out on some opportunities to truly personalize your system for your needs.

Use a light module to control decorative lighting- The holiday season might be over for this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use lights for other lighting. You might put lights out on your porch or deck for outdoor entertaining, for example.  You can use a light module to control lighting other than just a lamp, and then you’ll be able to turn things on and off from your smartphone. This is great for things you frequently turn on and off by plugging them in and unplugging them, often requiring bending down and maybe even reaching around/ behind furniture.

Make sure your packages get delivered- An HD video doorbell not only lets you see who is at your door when they ring, but you can also converse with the person at the door from your smartphone. If you are waiting for a package to be delivered, especially if it’s something that requires someone to answer the door, you can talk to the delivery person about leaving your package and even tell them where you’d like them to leave it.

Get creative with temperature schedules- The go to example for setting a temperature schedule is to turn down the heat while you’re at work. You can also make schedules to adjust your temp based on when you are cooking or exercising if you follow a pretty consistent schedule during the week. You can always manually change the thermostat when you need to from your phone as well.

Looking to get more creative as you personalize your home security devices?  Read some legitimate solutions to your home security problems in the post “Creative Home Security Solutions.” Home security doesn’t have to be boring.

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