4 Areas Where You Need A Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors are often underappreciated in home security systems. Sensors are very important but they aren’t limited to just doors and windows. Smart Sensors can allow you to personalize your system to help protect certain areas or items so that you know when those areas are opened, whenever they are opened. Here are a couple of areas that can benefit from a Smart Sensor.

Personal Safe: Whether you use a safe to keep documents, jewelry or other valuables secure, a smart sensor can help you monitor access by sending a phone notification to you when it’s opened.

Cleaning Cabinet: Unintentional poisoning is a huge risk if you have children or pets. Keeping a smart sensor on the cabinet where you keep your chemical cleaning supplies is a good way to know right away if someone gets into that cabinet when they aren’t supposed to,  so you can prevent poising or call the Poison Help  line right away.

Wine Cooler: If you’re worried about your teenagers getting into your wine cooler or liquor cabinet, a smart sensor is an easy solution. This low profile sensor can act as a deterrent and let you know if the cabinet is opened when no adults are home.

Gun Safe: Keeping any guns in your home safe and secure is a part of being a responsible gun owner.  Add a smart sensor to your gun cabinet/safe to be sure that your guns are always where you think they are.

Smart sensors are small, streamlined and allow personalization in terms of who is notified when areas of interest are opened. Learn more about smart sensors by contacting us.

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