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Use Your Home Security System To Avoid April Fools Day Pranks

Do you hate April Fools Day? Want to avoid being pranked by your family in your own home? Are you trying to pull an epic prank without getting caught? Put your smart home security devices to work to make sure you don’t get caught unaware in your home.

Catch Ding Dong Ditchers with Your HD Video Doorbell

Ding Dong Ditch? Don’t let it happen! Use your HD Video Doorbell to make sure that you catch anyone who rings your door and tries to run away so that you’re stuck opening the door to find no one there.

Monitor Pranksters with Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Don’t get caught eating something gross that looks delicious like sandwich cookies filled with toothpaste instead of cream or a baby-powdered donut. Keep an indoor surveillance camera trained on the kitchen as this is a common area for pranks.

Bathrooms are also a dangerous area for April Fools Day. Replace a night light outside the bathroom with an image sensor so you can capture evidence of any pranksters looking suspicious. You might catch a lot of extra photos from normal bathroom use, but it might be worth it.

Use Door and Window Sensors to Be Aware of Potential Pranks

Pay attention to cracked or slightly opened doors- you don’t want to fall victim to getting hit with a bucket full or water or some other surprising door pranks.  If you have a door sensor on some of your doors, you can be pretty sure those doors are safe as you would get notification when they were opened. This can help narrow down the risky doors.

Pull Your Own Pranks With the Help of Your Security System

If you are hoping to pull a prank on someone else, you can set up notifications to make you aware of where there is movement in the house at any given moment. You can use a light control module to suddenly make a room dark before a prank strikes. You should avoid setting off your security system as a joke or prank even if it’s in test mode, because your family may not believe a true alarm at a later time.

With a little help, you could be crowned the king or queen of April Fools. Just remember, make sure to keep your pranks fun and not dangerous. At the end of the day, your security system exists for a much more important purpose than catching pranksters, but just know you have some option when it comes to this one day of the year.

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