Enable the Guardian Skill for the Amazon Echo

guardian-skillGuardian Protection now has a “skill” for the Amazon Echo. What does that mean? You can ask Alexa to help you out by “asking Guardian” to operate certain features of your security system for you or to check the status of some aspects of your Guardian system.  Setting up the Guardian Skill takes four steps if you already use the Guardian App.

  1. Install Your Alexa-Enabled Device- Get voice control for your smart home system with any Alexa enabled device, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or FireTV Voice Remote. Follow the installation instructions that came with the device. Now you are ready to sync the device with the Guardian App.
  2. Log in to the Alexa App- Download the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device. Then login to the Alexa app using your Amazon.com account credentials.
  3. Enable the Guardian Skill- To find the Guardian Skill, tap on the “Skills” option located in the side menu within the Alexa app. Type in “Guardian Protection” and then tap “Enable Skill.”
  4. Sync your Guardian system with Alexa- You’ll be prompted to enter your Guardian account login and password to sync your account with Alexa.

So you have the Guardian skill all set up… now what? Now it’s time to start talking to Alexa and trying out the new Skill. When using the Guardian Skill, you’ll always start off by saying “Alexa, ask Guardian…” For security reasons, Alexa will not disarm the Guardian system, or unlock a door or open a garage door that is integrated with your Guardian system.

Here are some easy commands to try! Just say “Alexa, ask Guardian…”

  • To arm my system.
  • What temperature is it in here?
  • To lock my front door.
  • Is my garage door closed?
  • To record a video clip.
  • To turn off all the lights.

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