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Is Your Lawn a Security Risk?

As you’re getting your lawn ready for summer, make sure that the answer to each of the following questions is not “yes”. If your yard has any of these risk factors, you should consider beefing up your security:

  • Do you have a spare key hiding under a rock?
  • Do you have a large amount of lawn furniture left out all summer long?
  • Do you sometimes leave tools/ ladders in the yard?
  • Do you have a weak/broken area in your fencing?
  • Do you have high shrubbery or hedges around your doors or windows?
  • Is your yard not visible from the road/ to neighbors?
  • Could someone access a window by climbing a tree or drainpipe?
  • Is your lawn poorly lit at night?
  • Do you have an unlocked shed or storage area in your lawn?
  • Do you leave bicycles unsecured in your yard?

All of these questions indicate some parts of your lawn that could be easy targets for someone to burglarize your home.  You can’t always do something to “fix” your lawn to be more secure, but there are often many ways you can step up your yard’s security game. Here’s a solution to each of the issues above.

  • Stop hiding spare keys and instead invest in a smart lock. You can go keyless and even give temporary codes to others who need to get in.
  • Secure your lawn furniture and/or put it away when you’re gone for vacation. A burglar can use this furniture to help them get in the house. Also anything unsecured has the potential to be taken right from your porch or deck if it’s light enough.
  • Always put your tools and ladders away. They too could be used to help someone break in or could be stolen.
  • Repair or replace weak or broken fencing to prevent it from being an access point for burglars and to send a sign that you aret paying close attention to your yard.
  • Keep shrubbery/hedges low around your doors and windows. High shrubbery or hedges make it easy for burglars to hide when they’re trying to get in. Burglars will have less concerns about getting caught if they can easily hide from neighbors. Improve the visibility you have into your yard by installing some outdoor surveillance cameras so that burglars know they are being “watched.” Other indications of a security system can be useful, as well, including window stickers and yard signs. All of these help to counter the  impact of a high fence or the vulnerability of a rural location.
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