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How to Use Guardian Smart Home Security Notifications to Your Benefit

Many apps on your smartphone send you alerts. Sometimes they’re very valuable. For instance,  you want to know if you got a text that you need to see or a weather alert text telling you that a major storm is coming. Other times, notifications can drive you crazy and you just start to ignore them. Overall  however, notifications can be pretty handy and can offer you the reminders you need wherever you have your smartphone. If you’re going to have a smartphone, then you should make it work for you!

When you have Guardian smart home security, you can set up notifications with many of your devices. These can and should be personalized to what you’re interested in. If a notification every time your door with a smart lock is opened is too much, then change the notification. Your personal lifestyle will affect what alerts make sense to you.

Here are some examples of how you can set up text or email alerts for your smart home and security devices that make sense for your lifestyle.

Use a Geo Fence to Lock/Unlock Your House- Worried you might head out the door without locking it or drive away without putting your garage door down? This is easy to do if you’re busy wrangling kids and/or pets and trying to get out the door. You can set up a geographical radius called a geo fence and get an alert on your internet-connected smartphone when you leave that area without locking  your door  or closing the garage.

Monitor Access to Your Home While You’re Away- Give your house sitter or dog sitter an individual code to enter your home. You can set up notifications for when the code is used so that you can make sure everything is under control. You can even use the alert to remind you to check out what’s going on using your security cameras.

Parent of Teens- Set up an alert for a specific time period when you expect your kids to be entering or exiting. This is great for knowing your kids got home from school safely before you get home from work.  You can set a time sensitive notification for when your door unlocks, or when your image sensor registers movement.

Online shopper- Are you addicted to Amazon Prime or online shopping? Are packages arriving at your home regularly? Do you do all your birthday and holiday shopping online? Set up alerts for when someone rings your HD Video Doorbell. You’ll know when your packages are delivered and be able to talk to the delivery person if necessary.

Need some help setting up notifications? Read Guardian System Basics: What You Need To Know. 

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