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#TestimonialTuesday Roundup for April 25, 2017

Here are some stories we’ve shared recently for #TestimonialTuesday from Guardian customers. We love to share snippets of customers’ stories but we thought you might like to read some of our their full true stories. These reviews and true stories came from a variety of places including Consumer Affairs, TrustPilot and the Apple App Store.

Ervin F., Ohio
“Cooking my wife pancakes, didn’t have the stove vent on. Smoke detector went off, almost immediately Guardian called and asked if we needed the fire department. I sheepishly told them we were alright. That kinda made us feel safer in our home. Thanks Guardian. The Fulst family”

Michael K., Maryland
“Guardian was already installed in the home that we recently purchased. The company did exactly what they said they would and the initial setup process was easy. When I called, they sent me a contract by email, they followed up and they wanted to come out the day we were closing. They were more than accommodating, which made the process a lot easier. The process was quick. They were very professional, very caring and they made sure that we understood everything.

A gentleman then came out to reactivate the system. He was on time and courteous. He requested the office to give me a call ahead of time and he said the message didn’t circle down to him. I told him I was about 20 minutes away and he waited with no problems. He explained everything well, showed us how to use the system, set up our account online, and made sure that we understood everything. Things with him were really good.

We live in a three-story townhouse and the pre-installed features of our system included the motion detectors and sensors on the doors. However, there was no keypad downstairs and I really wanted a way to be able to remotely control the system. But we have the mobile setup and we can control everything through our phones. Everything has been fine and I’ve been satisfied with my service.”

Caleb S., Pennsylvania
“I’ve had Guardian for more than 20 years. When I call them when something comes up, they take care of it right away. They put a battery in a couple of months ago for me, and we’ve also used them at certain times and I’m pleased with them.”

34vincent34, App User
“Absolutely love the fact that I can be upstairs with my grandchildren knowing the portable keypad is with me just in case I need to alarm the system and don’t have to go downstairs with the intruders in the event anything should ever happen.

When I forget to alarm the system when I leave, I can do it over the phone and check in on the animals.


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