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What You Need to Know About Home Security and Your Pets

Your pets are a part of the family and like the rest of your family, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe. A home security system can help with this goal, even letting you check in on your pet during the day. Optimizing your system is essential, however, so your pet doesn’t accidentally set it off.

Your Pet is Not A Security System

Your pets might not be the top reason you get a home security system, but they can be a factor in your decision.  You wouldn’t want your pet to be at home with a burglar, even if you consider your pet a “watch dog.” Let’s face it, an intimidating dog might act as a deterrent but they could likely be distracted with a treat or even sleep through the whole event.

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Prevent Pets from Escaping by Monitoring Doors

Not only this, there are other benefits of a monitored security system for you as a pet owner. Knowing that you left a door or the garage door open can help prevent pets from getting away. According to a 2012 ASPCA survey, 15% of pet owners reported having lost a pet in the last 5 years. While safety precautions like having your pet microchipped and having them wear identification collars  help pets be returned to you, preventing your pet from getting out in the first place is a practical way to avoid  being a part of the 15% of pet owners who have had to frantically search for their pets.

Help Protect Your Family Pets from Fire

If you add monitored smoke and heat detectors to your system, your pets have a better chance of surviving a fire in your home. While you may have an escape plan for your family, have you considered what to do about pets in your home? A monitored smoke detector will help emergency personnel be notified of a potential fire so they can respond quickly, whether you are at home or away, sleeping or awake. You can also get a pet alert window cling so firefighters know to watch out for your pet. There’s really no other way to let emergency personel know that your pets are in the house.  Guardian provides these pet alert window clings for free!

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Check On Your Pets with Security Cameras

Video security can be very helpful with pets as well. If you set up your mobile indoor security cameras so you can look into where your pet spends most of its time during the day, you can make sure all is well. This can be particularly helpful if your pet has been getting into something it shouldn’t be or if they aren’t feeling well and you want to be able to check in.

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Be Careful with Motion Detectors

One thing that you need to pay attention to when you have pets and a home security system is a motion detector. Many motion detectors may be fine for small pets, but will be triggered by bigger ones. At Guardian, our motion detectors are rated for pets up to 40 lbs. but still might need some adjustments to the sensitivity so your pet doesn’t set it off. If you have a pet that is larger than 40 lbs., you don’t have to avoid motion detectors altogether; just use them to help protect an area  where your pet doesn’t spend time.

If you already have a home security system, you can upgrade to some smart home tech. You definitely won’t complain about having lighting or temperature control!  Your pet enjoys the benefits, too, because you can make sure your pet isn’t left in the dark for extended periods of time or left in a cold home if the weather changes suddenly while you’re at work. Again, you probably won’t make this decision just for your pets, but it’s a bonus  for the whole family — fur-family included!

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