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National Missing Children’s Day 2017

National Missing Children’s Day occurs on May 25 as a reminder of everyone’s role to help locate and recover children. It also offers hope to families who are waiting and searching for their lost children. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) suggests 4 steps to get involved in advocacy for missing children today and every day.

  1. As a part of the “Picture Them Home” initiative, you are encouraged to take time to examine pictures of missing children when you see them. Their website features the pictures and information of current missing children.
  2. Also as a part of “Picture Them Home” you are encouraged to share pictures of missing children, spreading the word and helping increase the chances of a child being recognized.
  3. The last part of “Picture Them Home” is for parents, specifically. It encourages you to keep an up-to-date picture of your children that could help identify them in an emergency. The GuardianKIDS I.D. Program provides parents with a document that includes not only a high quality picture, but also fingerprints of the child and a place for you to document personal statistics such as height, weight, eye color and more.
  4. Lastly you are encouraged to talk to your kids as a part of the “Be Here For Kids” campaign. The NCMEC’s Be Here For Kids page has age specific resources to talk to your kids about safety, abduction, and internet safety. They  also give you ways to share this information on your social media accounts so more parents know about these resources.
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