Pinch-to-Zoom: Video in Your Control

Video security is one of the handiest tools to have if you’re trying to manage your smart home security. It can provide you options to see what’s going on at your house at any given time. Whether you’re checking on your pets or you want to see if your kids got home from school, you can use the live look-in feature. In the case of a burglary, your cameras can be triggered to aid in catching the burglar in the act, and sometimes an invaluable bit of evidence.

If you already have video security with Guardian, you might not know about a new feature that makes it even easier and more convenient to take advantage of your cameras. With one of the recent Guardian App updates, you can now pinch to zoom-in on your live video stream. If you use your smartphone a lot, you’re probably familiar with using this feature in your camera app and on social media sites. Now you have even more control of what you want to see close-up.

You can use this zoom feature in the Guardian App. Simply choose the camera you want to see and use two fingers to zoom in and out.

Pinch-to-zoom is just one of the great features in the Guardian app. We are constantly working to make sure that our customers get the products and features that make life easier and help protect what matters most.

Curious about adding video security to your home? Check out “Why You Should Consider Video Security Now.”



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