Guardian How-To: Set Up Geo-Services

Taking your smart home to the next level is easier than you might think. Setting up a geo-fence allows you to receive automated notifications based on your location. These can serve as an important reminder if you forgot to do something like lock your door, close the garage door or not arm your security system.

The first step is to create a geo-fence around your house. This “fence” will determine how far away from your home you wish to be before you start getting your notifications. To set-up a geo-fence, start by enabling Geo-Services in the Guardian App.

The rest of the set-up occurs on under “Settings.” Choose “Geo-Services” and then click “Add a Fence.” You will be able to put in the location of your home, name your fence and decide on the radius of your fence. We recommend starting at a distance of at least two miles. Take into consideration your lifestyle when setting up the distance. For example, if you take frequent walks around the block, you may not want to get notifications while you are this close to home.

When you save your geo-fence, you also get to choose the kinds of notifications you want in “Set up Geo-Features.” Options include: lock reminders, sensor reminders, garage door reminders, thermostat override, pause video recordings and light automation rules.

With geo-fences, you can help to ensure that you never rush out the house and go too far without locking the door. You can also ensure that the lights turn on right before you arrive home, avoiding entry to a dark house.  When Geo Services triggers a notification that you left the garage door open or failed to arm your system, you’ll be able to take care of it all from your smartphone. Just open the Guardian App and arm your system, close your garage door, lock your front door, etc.

The variety of options makes geo-services a logical choice for those who have a variety of needs and home control devices. If you don’t already have one of the components you’d like to set up with geo-features, feel free to reach out to Guardian at 1-800-PROTECT and we can discuss the possibility of an upgrade. The future of smart home security is convenience. Geo-services are just one way to enhance the convenience of your Guardian system.

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