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The HD Video Doorbell Just Got Slim

One of the coolest new devices Guardian offers is the HD Video Doorbell. From seeing your packages be delivered to answering the door via smartphone, to catching a porch pirate, this layer of video security at the front door gives you so many options.

We’re now offering a newly redesigned version of the HD Video Doorbell that is a better fit for many homes. With the original HD Video doorbell, you needed to have three inches of mounting space. The new slimmer version of the HD Video Doorbell has a thinner profile and requires only one-and-a-half inches of mounting space, meaning it will fit more easily on more door frames.

A more compact camera inside this doorbell allows for the same great Guardian app capabilities but makes viewing and playback faster.

Also, with the new version, Guardian will automatically activate the option to use the motion feature. The motion feature allows your camera to trigger and record video clips based on motion, instead of when the ring button is pushed. The motion feature is ideal if you don’t have a lot of movement around the front of your house regularly. On a side note, if you have the original HD video doorbell, you can now go into the Guardian app and activate the motion feature on it, too.

Whether you adopt the motion feature or not, the new edition of the HD Video Doorbell is an ideal device to up your front door’s security. Integrated with your other home automation devices, you can turn on lights, unlock the door or disarm your system to let someone in if you are in the middle of something and can’t come to the door. Image-sensing motion detectors can also let you see when your kids come home or if your babysitter invites someone over. Now the entrance to your home can have a stronger level of security while you enjoy more convenience than ever.

Whether you’re already living in a Guardian Edge™ smart home or you’re just thinking about entering the home security and automation world, an HD Video Doorbell can be a worthwhile component in your home control setup.

You can learn more about an HD Video Doorbell here.

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