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#TestimonialTuesday Roundup for Jun 27, 2017

Here are some stories we’ve shared recently for #TestimonialTuesday from Guardian customers. We love to share snippets of customers’ stories but we thought you might like to read some of our their full true stories. These reviews and true stories came from a variety of places including Consumer Affairs.

Denzel R., West Virginia

Guardian Protection has been great. I got the sensors, the door alarms, the surveillance cameras outside, the security panel, as well as the recording, all for remediation. The reps were very courteous and all interactions with the installation team were positive, so they went through it very well. They talked about how the system worked as well as the features, did a great job installing it, and were well organized. The overall experience was fantastic. The consultation went great. Within a week or two, we actually had the system up and running, and I’m satisfied with what the results came to be.

Hannah K., North Carolina

We got the video monitoring from Guardian Protection Services because the bedroom is upstairs and we can’t see the front of the house from there. We also have the fire alarm because our dog is home during the day and we would hate for a fire to happen since he cannot get out. It was simple and easy to get everything set up and their services have been great. Also, the installer was really nice, on-time and cleaned up after the work was done.

Joseph R., Delaware

My neighbors had Guardian Protection Services and the service was quickly available so I went with it. Their reps are always friendly and always helpful. They’re always right there and are really good. They fix whatever problem it is or set it up so they can be fixed. The installation team knew what they’re doing as well. The technicians were skilled, quick, friendly and they didn’t overcharge or they didn’t install excess stuff. They came in, did their job and they’re done. It was fast and efficient service.

The system provides everything I need and the features are all good. They offer more features but I just need the basic service. What I have works and it’s great. The smartphone feature is also nice. It’s nice to be able to check and do things remotely. With Guardian Protection Services I know that my business is protected or that it’s monitored therefore I don’t have to worry about it and it feels good. Everybody is friendly, skilled, very responsive to needs and updates that need to happen. Overall, it’s an excellent alarm monitoring company.

Rahn M., Pennsylvania

After many many years being with this company they go above and beyond to make sure the customers are happy. Servicemen are always clean and professional. Always have mark trucks and in uniform. They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

Nico W., Maryland

When the rep from Guardian Protection Services came by, he told me everything in detail and I asked a lot of questions. Then, we went to my basement. He told me about the window and how I needed protection there because I didn’t have it at first. I told him to go ahead and put protection on the windows in the basement. Everybody was very helpful. There were two guys that were here and I walked and talked with them about everything they did. They even gave me their phone numbers to give them a call if I had any question. They did the installation and the rep even put the signs up.

I bought this house but I’m here by myself so to know that I have that type of protection, I feel a little bit better. At first, I said, “Oh man, I need to get a dog. I need to get somebody else to move in with me.” I don’t need to make those extra steps to get more protection because I have them here now. I like the fact that when I’m leaving the house, if ever I forgot to put the alarm on, I could use my phone to put the alarm on. It makes me feel good because I’ve only been here for a month. Also, if anything happens within my house, it sends me a message.

Last week, I had left the garage door open and they called me and asked me if I was okay. I said, “What are you talking about? I’m fine. I’m here at work.” They said, “Well, your door is open.” I said, “What? What are you talking about?” The garage door wasn’t open but it so happened the actual door was a little bit open. They had someone come here to make sure everything was okay. I liked that because that showed me I had protection here. So if anything went down, they would know. So far, I like it. I feel more secured.



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