5 Ways To Help Secure Your Pool

There’s nothing better than being able to hit the pool on a hot summer’s day. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool or are considering adding one, considering the security of that pool is very important. Pool injuries are common for children, so constant supervision and a way to secure the area when it’s not in use is very important. Taking some precautions, however, can help secure your pool area and give you some peace of mind. Make sure that the pool is always being supervised by an adult when it is being used.

  1. The first line of security around your pool is fencing. Make sure the fence you install is high enough that it cannot be easily climbed over and that you have a lockable gate. Self-closing/locking options are a great choice for pool areas and it’s always a good idea to check with your local municipality regarding pool perimeter requirements. Depending on the fencing you choose, it can also keep prying eyes out of your pool area.
  2. Motion detecting lighting can draw attention if there is movement in your pool area at night when it’s closed. It can also scare away a person or animal who’s trying to get in when you aren’t supervising it. There are many options at varying price points to help illuminate your pool at night.
  3. Your pool should be covered whenever it is not in use. Look for covers that can support the weight of an adult and are American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approved. These can be costly, but will greatly improve the safety of your pool since they are tested to keep children out. Pool nets are also an option that are a little more affordable but will still keep children out.
  4. Video Surveillance. Video surveillance can be a wonderful tool for helping to secure your pool. With an outdoor video camera from Guardian, you can look at what’s going on in the pool from your internet-connected smartphone. Outdoor video surveillance along with monitored home security can give you whole-house peace of mind. Learn more at Keeping an Eye on What’s Going On Outside.
  5. Door Sensor. If a door from your house opens to a pool deck, you can also use an aspect of a home security system to make sure the door isn’t opened when you don’t know it. Install a sensor on that door and set-up alerts so that you are notified when the door is opened and closed. This will give you a good chance to catch a child before they get to the pool.

Guardian offers security solutions for many of the areas you may be concerned about in your home. You don’t have to be concerned about a potential burglary to install home security. Home security is also about other ways you can help keep your family safer.

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