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Day in the Life of a Guardian Smart Home Owner

When you think about what it would be like to have a smart home, do you picture The Jetsons? Does a smart home seem like something that’s out of reach for you and your family? In reality, a smart home can be a way to provide convenience and help keep your family safe.  See what it could be a smart home owner.

Wake-up: When you wake up in the morning, all it takes is opening one app to see the status of your security and smart home devices. Without even getting out of bed, you can look in on any locations with video security devices. With one touch, you can choose your “Wake Up” scene which triggers all the motions you need to happen in the morning from turning on lights to disarming your system and even changing the temperature of your thermostat.

Morning Rush: You don’t need to worry what you might be forgetting because you’re in complete control of your smart home. You don’t need to worry what you might be forgetting. As the kids are running out to catch the bus and leave the front door open… but you get an alert on your phone and can fix the problem right away. As you head to your vehicle on your way to work, you lock your door and arm your security system with the touch of one button. If you’ve forgotten to do this, you get a notification once you’ve left the 2-mile circle around your home because you’ve set up a geofence.

Away From Home: Once you’re at work, no matter what you could be worried about at home, you don’t have to be. If there is a fire, you trust your monitored smoke or heat detector to signal Guardian’s monitoring center. If there is a burglary attempt, your door, window and motion sensors provide immediate detection. If you have a pet at home, you can check in to make sure it is ok. Everything becomes simpler and more intuitive.

In the afternoon, a package is delivered at your front door. The delivery person rings your Video doorbell and you are able to see him drop off the package and instruct him to leave in it a specific place on your porch.

Afternoon Activity: At the end of the day, you get a notification when your kids get home from school. You know that the temperature has automatically adjusted from the low energy setting during the day to a setting more comfortable for the kids. You can take your drive home with peace of mind, knowing that everything is well at home.

Evening Wind-down: This peace of mind continues through the evening until you go to bed without worrying about what might occur throughout the night. Guardian’s 24/7, award-winning monitoring center has your back. You and your partner feel the same way because you both have the Guardian app on your phone. If something happens to your system or you have any questions, you know that Guardian’s customer service will work hard to get you the help you need.

This might just be an imagined scenario but many of our customers experience this sort of convenience and peace of mind every day of the week. To find out how you could have a day like this, check out our devices or contact us!


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