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What to Do With Your Home Alarm System if You Move

A question we often hear is: “What happens to my home security system if I move?”

Moving is high on the list of life’s biggest stressors, so we completely understand this concern. There are a million and one tasks to complete, decisions to make, and deadlines to keep. Somehow everything needs to come together in the end to restore peace and balance to your life.

We want to be there for you and make sure you get everything you need for a seamless move, including answering any questions about your existing or future home security services. If you’re planning to relocate, this blog post is for you!

Notify Guardian of Your Move Date

Make sure you notify us of your move date as soon as you know it. Your alarm will continue to transmit signals if you move without notifying us first. We will reprogram your alarm service at your old home when you are no longer there so that false alarms can be avoided.

Get a New Security System That Fits Your New Home

Moving is the perfect time to reevaluate your home security needs. A security system should be tailored specifically for you and your home, and there are numerous examples of how your needs might change. For example, is your new home larger or smaller? Is the layout completely different, with more points of entry? You don’t have to deal with these questions alone; we are happy to send out one of our certified Guardian technicians to give you a free consultation on a new system.

Want to make your move a little easier and take your security service with you? If you’re a current Guardian customer, you qualify for the best packages we have to offer when you sign a new security monitoring agreement on a home within our service area. Just give us a call at 1-844-636-3911 and we’ll discuss your options.

Keep in mind that investing in smart home technology can boost your home’s resale value. If you’ve been considering any upgrades to your system — such as newer cameras with more features or adding smart home automation — you may be eligible for a discount on additional devices.

Refer the New Home Owner to Guardian and Earn Credit!

One more thing to consider as a moving Guardian customer — don’t forget to tell your previous home’s new owner about Guardian! If the new homeowner decides to become a Guardian customer, you can earn a $200 referral credit from us as a thank you.

Looking for More Moving Tips?

There is an incredible amount of online resources available to make your move as smooth as possible. Here are few things to keep in mind and some helpful sites:

  • If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, we recommend doing some research on the area before making your home security decisions. Check out a crime map like those created on SpotCrime.com or CrimeReports.com.
  • The National Crime Prevention Council has volumes of info related to neighborhood safety, including how to start a Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Each year, thousands of consumers are scammed by fake moving companies, so do your research before you choose. One of our previous posts identifies some red flags to watch for when hiring movers.
  • Check out USA.gov for tips and resources on important moving steps like changing your address and switching utility providers.

We Can Help Make Moving Easier

Moving is complicated but taking your Guardian home security system doesn’t have to be. To learn more about moving with Guardian or just to talk through your service options, call 1-844-636-3911. Or, just complete this form.

We’re always here to help!

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  1. Kathleen Russell November 11, 2017 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    What happens if a person can no longer afford your service?

    • kgarmong November 14, 2017 at 7:24 pm - Reply

      Typically we can offer some options if you cannot afford service, like a temporary freeze or talk about the possibility of a lower rate, or you can buy out your contract. If you need to talk to a customer service representative to discuss this, please reach out to wecare@gpsx.net.

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