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What to Do With Your Home Alarm System if You Move

If you’re a Guardian customer and planning a move, this blog post is for you! We want to make sure you get everything you need for a seamless move of everything including your home security services.

Notifying Guardian of Your Move Date

Make sure that you notify us of your move date as soon as you know it. Your alarm will continue to transmit signals if you move without notifying us first. We will reprogram your alarm service at your old home when you are no longer there so that false alarms can be avoided.

Guardian Home Relocation Guarantee

When you move to your new home, you can get a new system installed if you qualify for our Home Relocation Guarantee by being a customer for a year or more. We install a new system so that you can choose what technology you want in your new home. With the Relocation Guarantee, you get a free base system and a discount on additional devices that you want to get installed when you sign a new security monitoring agreement for your new home (see terms and conditions).

Each home requires different considerations when it comes to home security. If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, you should consider completing a Neighborhood Safety Check before making your home security decisions.  This information will help you know what it might take to make you feel peace of mind in your new home. Remember, too, as you are investing in a new home, that smart home technology can increase the value of your home.

Inviting the New Owner to Guardian

The last thing to remember as a moving Guardian customer is that you have a great chance to inform your previous home’s new owner about Guardian! If the new homeowner decide to become a Guardian customer, you can earn a referral credit as a thank you from Guardian.

To learn more about moving with Guardian, you can call 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328) and request the Moves Team.

You can also fill out the form on this page.

Also check out our resource “Don’t Be Scammed By Fake Moving Companies.”

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  1. Kathleen Russell November 11, 2017 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    What happens if a person can no longer afford your service?

    • kgarmong November 14, 2017 at 7:24 pm - Reply

      Typically we can offer some options if you cannot afford service, like a temporary freeze or talk about the possibility of a lower rate, or you can buy out your contract. If you need to talk to a customer service representative to discuss this, please reach out to wecare@gpsx.net.

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