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How a Smart Home Makes Back To School Easier

It’s time to get ready for your kids to go back to school which means that your life might be teetering on the edge of chaos. With a Guardian smart home, you can take several things off your to-do list anywhere you have your internet-connected smartphone. Sound too good to be true? See some specific ways a smart home could make your back-to-school routine more manageable.

Hustle and Bustle- It’s pretty common to experience some extra hustle and bustle while your family is getting adjusted to being on the school schedule again as well as packing lunches and catching the bus.  Some things don’t need to be difficult. Control your home with the touch of a button through the Guardian app and you’ll have a lot less to worry about. Set Scenes for your routines and then you can focus on the important parts of the day.

Forget-me-not– As you’re rushing around and trying to make sure that everyone gets out the door with everything they need, your home’s security is probably the last thing on your mind. For the first couple of weeks, a couple of important to-dos might be overlooked. Use the Guardian App to make sure that locking the door, putting down the garage door or arming your system are never forgotten for a whole day. Help protect what matters most to you even on the busiest, most forgetful days.

After School Check-in- If your children spend any time at home alone or even with a sitter before you get home from work, you don’t have to just wonder what’s going on. You can use video security whether it be an indoor or outdoor camera, image sensor or HD Video doorbell. They’ll help you make sure everyone gets home on time, there are no uninvited guests and that homework and chores are being completed as they’re supposed to be.

Notify us- You can set up notifications so that you know when the kids get home or for when you leave the house (and the geofence you set)  and forget to do something important like putting the garage door down. Notifications can be personalized for your needs so that you know what you want to know and don’t have to be bothered by things you don’t care about.

Many of our customers experience this sort of convenience and peace of mind every day of the week. To find out how you could have a day like this, check out our devices or contact us!

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