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Benefits of a Keyless Lock for Your Home

A keyless lock can provide more than just convenience for your life, it can also help you boost your home’s security. If having a keypad at your door rather than a traditional lock seems like a luxury rather than a necessity, you’d be surprised how practical a keyless lock could be for you.

Convenience and Safety of Electronic Door Locks

With a keyless lock you don’t have to carry around house keys all the time. Don’t worry about accidentally getting locked outside when you forget to grab your keychain and eliminate the  need to hide a key in case you lock yourself out or in case visitors/ family need entry to your home when you’re away. Hidden keys are a known practice and leave you vulnerable to a break-in where the burglar can just let themselves in. When you think about the problems a keyless smart lock can solve it’s safe to say that it can also help reduce the risk of vulnerability for you and your home. .

Unique Digital Codes for Every Family Member

Use unique codes for the people who need to enter your home frequently like a baby sitter, dog walker or cleaning person. Unique codes have a couple of benefits beyond just making it easier for your guests. You can also see notifications for when the codes are used allowing you to keep track of who is entering your home when you’re not there. Also, if you need to change the code disallowing someone access, you don’t have to mess with the code you are used to using.

Increase Control

Smartphone control of these locks adds to your peace of mind every day. You’ll never have to wonder whether you forgot to lock the door because you can check through the app. You can take it a step further and have the lock set-up to automatically lock when you arm your security system. This means that all these security measures are taken care of at once with the push of a button.

Set Up Notifications

You can make your notifications as specific as you need them to be. Start with a notification every time the door has been accessed. If that seems too much, set up notifications for specific codes. These notifications make it easier than ever to stay up to date with what’s going on at your home, with minimum work and inconvenience in your life. One great feature for notifications is you can know when the kids get home from school and unlock the door, even if you’re not home yet.

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