What’s In Your “Relax” Scene

Did you know it’s National Relaxation Day? At Guardian, we’re all about giving you the conveniences and peace of mind you need to truly relax.  One of our handiest tools for those trying to relax more often is the Scenes feature in the app. You can set up Scenes for any time of day or activity to automate certain actions with the touch of a button. If you set up a “Relax” Scene, what would it look like? It depends on your view of “relax”, which makes it even better.

Here are some examples of what “Relax” Scenes could look like.

Night at Home- If your idea of relaxation is a night-in, watching a movie or reading a book, a Relax Scene could make prep a breeze. All you have to do is pop some popcorn and pick a movie and then choose your Relax Scene.

  • Dim lights or lights off
  • Doors locked so you don’t have to check.
  • Arm system in “Stay” mode
  • Lower the temp for snuggling on the couch.

Night Out- If being out of the house for the evening at a happy hour or party is your version of relaxation, your Relax Scene would probably look a little different.

  • Lock doors
  • Arm system in “Away” mode
  • One light on to act as a possible deterrent
  • Energy-saving temperature setting

Having people over- Does having your friends over to chill sound like a perfect relaxing night? Maybe your Relax Scene would be more appropriate for having people over and would look like this.

  • System unarmed since there will be coming and going
  • Front door possibly unlocked if you’re waiting for guests to arrive
  • Several lights on
  • Comfortable temperature setting

Whatever your perfect National Relaxation Day looks like, you can probably set up a Scene in the mobile app to take care of your home control and security so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Let’s be honest, with Guardian you have less to worry about all year ‘round.

Comment with your idea of a perfect “relax” setting.



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