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Testimonials: Why 4 Homeowners in Texas, Minnesota and Pennsylvania Trust Guardian

Here are some stories we’ve shared recently for #TestimonialTuesday from Guardian
customers. We love to share snippets of customers’ stories but we thought you might
like to read some of our their full true stories. These reviews and true stories came
from a variety of places including Consumer Affairs.

Dallas Texas Couple Values Guardian’s
Customer Service

I recently moved into a town home and I had a concierge of some sort. He told me
all the capabilities that Guardian had with having the weather on there and the app
where I could disarm/arm it. Also, for me, the big thing is the price. The technician
was awesome, very friendly and helpful. He walked me and my fiancé through how
it all worked through all the different features. He came out a couple of times
because the first time, he had to come back with a box to install. He was perfect
and it was a really good experience.

We live in the not the best part of Dallas and it gives us a sense of security when
we go to bed. Like the other day, I didn’t realize it was on and I opened the rooftop
door, it went off really loud and someone came on the speaker within 20 seconds.
They have a great customer service. The lady I was talking to through the speaker
was very friendly about the whole thing. Also, I love the app. The other day, I was at
work and my future sister-in-law who lives nearby has a key. I was able to disarm my
system so she could go in the house and when she left, I armed it again. It’s
extremely easy and very straightforward. Another thing I like is the fake code. If
someone has me at gunpoint, they walk in and I’d give them my danger code.
Also, I walk down stairs and on my screen, it tells me the weather currently like
if it’s going to rain or if there’s a severe thunderstorm. It works well and we like it.
I’ve already told a friend about it.

Minnesota Farm Owners Feel Safer

Before, when we were living on the farm, we never locked our doors then we moved
to a lake home then to just outside the town, in Saint Cloud, and I felt a little nervous
that we thought of getting a security system. A salesman from Guardian Protection
Services came and he met my husband and explained things. Then I asked more
questions, so the salesman came back and explained everything I needed to know
then we signed up with them. Their offer was good and was worth it.

The installation was great too. The technician was a wonderful and very, very
knowledgeable, nice young man and he explained everything to us. I would have
no problem as well having him come back and do something else. Then Guardian
does a monthly check and there was a time when they called and said that the
system wasn’t reading right when they did their testing. My husband called back
and asked to make an appointment. The guy said he would call back but he never
did that, so we were wondering what was going on. But it got rectified.

Since having the system, I feel a lot better, very safe and comfortable. The peace
of mind is worth what we’re paying, which is not a lot. We also had no problems
with the features of the system and I like the key fob, where I don’t have to set
the panels. I can just push on and off. I’m happy with the system and I’m very
satisfied with Guardian. If somebody is looking for a security system, I would
definitely recommend them.

Nico W.

When the rep from Guardian Protection Services came by, he told me everything
in detail and I asked a lot of questions. Then, we went to my basement. He told
me about the window and how I needed protection there because I didn’t have
it at first. I told him to go ahead and put protection on the windows in the basement.
Everybody was very helpful. There were two guys that were here and I walked and
talked with them about everything they did. They even gave me their phone numbers
to give them a call if I had any question. They did the installation and the rep
even put the signs up.

I bought this house but I’m here by myself so to know that I have that type of
[monitoring], I feel a little bit better. At first, I said, “Oh man, I need to get a dog.
I need to get somebody else to move in with me.” I don’t need to make those extra
steps to get more protection because I have them here now. I like the fact that when
I’m leaving the house, if ever I forgot to put the alarm on, I could use my phone to
put the alarm on. It makes me feel good because I’ve only been here for a month.
Also, if anything happens within my house, it sends me a message.

Last week, I had left the garage door open and they called me and asked me if I
was okay. I said, “What are you talking about? I’m fine. I’m here at work.” They said,
“Well, your door is open.” I said, “What? What are you talking about?” The garage
door wasn’t open but it so happened the actual door was a little bit open. They
had someone come here to make sure everything was okay. I liked that because
that showed me I had protection here. So if anything went down, they would know.
So far, I like it. I feel more secured.

Rahn M., Pennsylvania

After many many years being with this company they go above and beyond to
make sure the customers are happy. Servicemen are always clean and professional.
Always have mark trucks and in uniform. They go above and beyond to make
sure you are happy and satisfied.

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