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How to Prepare for a Guardian Technician Visit

Whether you’re having a Guardian system installed for the first time or having a technician out for a repair, you may not know what to expect. We want to provide some tips for being prepared for visits from Guardian technicians so that your appointment can go as smoothly as possible.

Scheduling Your Appointment

When you schedule any appointment with Guardian you will be given a window of time in which your technician should arrive. Because the length of appointments varies, these windows allow our techs to maximize the number of customers they can serve while also being able to give each customer the amount of time they need. Understand that this two- or four-hour window of time relates to the approximate hour of day when your technician will arrive, not the amount of time the appointment will require.

You’re not letting just anyone in your home when a Guardian technician knocks on the door. We hold our technicians to a high standard of best-in-class service. Guardian technicians receive a thorough training and mentorship process before they are qualified to do service in your home. They are all licensed per state and/or municipal regulation and are provided continuing education and safety training.

Preparing Your Home

When a technician is in your home, they will need to be able to move about the areas where your devices are installed or are going to be installed. It’s a good idea to be prepared for the technician to be in these areas of your home. If yours is a first-time installation, you should have already discussed with your Guardian sales representative where the devices will be located.  Make sure that there is no large furniture etc. in the way of these areas. Also, think through the areas that might require some extra cleaning or where you might want to put some things away. Many spaces in your home are personal and might have valuable items that are temporarily stored away. Thinking through the possibilities ahead of time allows you to be comfortable on the day of your appointment.

Here are a couple of other things you should have ready when it’s time for your installation. This way there are no surprises and the whole experience can go smoothly.

  • Working internet and associated passwords
  • Smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • Email access for the Guardian account holder
  • Availability to verify locations of devices and be introduced to how they will work for you and your household

If you’re having service done on your home, all you need is access to the technology and a description of what is going wrong. Sometimes repairs or service issues can be complex so it’s helpful if you are accessible throughout the appointment to answer questions. Don’t forget, you can ask your technicians any questions you have when they are at your home, so if you’re confused or not sure about an aspect of your system or the Guardian App, let them know!

After your appointment is complete, you refresh your knowledge by checking out “Guardian System Basics: What You Need To Know.”

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