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How Simple Notifications Add Serious Convenience to Your Life

To make sure your home security system is working for your personal needs, you can set up notifications so you know what’s going on in your home.  There are a variety of alerts or notifications you can set up so that you can stay on top of what’s going on at your home every day.

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably used to getting a ton of notifications you don’t need. The benefit of a Guardian smart home is that you can set up the notifications that matter to you and not the ones you don’t. This makes your system work best for you.

Here are just a couple of notifications you can set up by logging into myguardianhome.com. If you use the Total Connect platform, you can also set up many of these notifications.

  • Arming Reminders- Be notified if you leave your home and forget to arm your system.
  • No Show Alert-Set up an alert so you are notified if someone you expected to enter your home during a specific timeframe does not show up.
  • Device Notifications- Almost every device in your Guardian system can have notifications associated with it.
  • Unexpected Activity- Get notified of activity that doesn’t usually occur so that you have more accurate home awareness.
  • Alarm Alerts- Make sure you get a notification when an alarm is going off. You will also get a call to your phone numbers on file, but notifications provide instant awareness wherever you have your internet-connected smartphone.
  • Geo-Services Notifications- Get automated notifications based on your locations. These can serve as an important reminder if you forgot to do something like lock your door, close the garage door or not arm your security system.
  • Environmental Notifications- If you add a monitored smoke, carbon monoxide or heat detector, you can set notifications if a device is triggered. The same is true for low temperature sensors as well. Know if there’s an issue in your home’s environment right away.
  • Point-of-Interest Notifications- If you’re looking for notifications on a particular area inside your house, a smart sensor can give you the freedom to see when certain areas such as medicine and liquor cabinets are opened. Learn more.

To see how a group of notifications could make sense for your lifestyle, check out Ways to Use Notifications To Your Benefit. Whether you have a frazzled family or you’re a frequently travelling professional, alerts could add some serious convenience to your life.

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