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What Makes Guardian’s Monitoring Centers Unique

Monitored home security systems all have one thing in common, and that is the monitoring center. The monitoring center handles your alarm signals. Monitoring center employees are the specialists who call you when your alarm goes off and who contact emergency responders if you need them. Not all monitoring centers are created equal. What make’s Guardian’s monitoring centers stand apart?

Accredited Monitoring Centers

Both of our monitoring centers hold a Five Diamond level accreditation from The Monitoring Association (TMA). Less than 200 central stations in the United States have been recognized as a Five Diamond Monitoring Center and fewer than one percent of the electronic security industry operates multiple monitoring centers that have all earned the Five Diamond accreditation. This rather unique attribute shows a deep level of dedication to superior monitoring for our customers.

Fast Response Time

Our monitoring center employees are trained to respond quickly and accurately to a variety of alarms. On average, they initiate a response to your alarm in 30 seconds or less. As soon as your alarm comes in, they react in seconds, taking first action in an average of less than 7 seconds. When you’re waiting for a response to an alarm, we know it’s urgent and our response times reflect that urgency.

Training and Quality Assurance

When you interact with a monitoring center, we want you to have a great experience. All of our employees are trained thoroughly, and they’re required to show even more proficiency than is required for the prestigious Five Diamond accreditation. The satisfaction and quality of interactions is very important to us, so much so that our quality assurance score is 98.2% on average. Even more than these technical aspects, our representative are here to make sure you feel safe and in many cases they’ll stay on the phone with you until help arrives. We’re here to help keep you safe when we can.

U.S.-based and Never Outsourced

Our monitoring centers are located in the Pittsburgh, PA and Phoenix, AZ areas. Our employees live in the same communities they help protect. Our monitoring services are entirely U.S.-based and wholly owned by Guardian – they are never outsourced to another company. This is not true for all home security providers.

Dedicated to Helping Prevent False Alarms

False alarms are detrimental to first responders because they waste time and resources. In some municipalities, you may also incur a fee for false alarms. Because of this Guardian’s monitoring center works closely with the False Alarm Reduction Association to reduce false alarms through improvements to equipment, monitoring processes and customer education. Initiatives towards this goal have been very successful, saving money for our customers and helping emergency personnel every day.

2015 Central Station of the Year

An honor awarded by The Monitoring Association (previously named the Central Station Alarm Association). Guardian won’t be able to apply for the award again for several years, but we won’t be resting on our laurels. Our monitoring center aims for excellence all day, every day- 24/7/365.



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