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How Environmental Monitoring Helps Keep Your Home Safer

We frequently talk about our monitoring center because great monitoring is an essential aspect of home security. Did you know that your home can also be monitored for environmental factors? When combined with security monitoring this can help improve the safety of your home even more. With Guardian, there is no additional charge for environmental monitoring; it’s included in your monthly cost. All you need to do is add the equipment.

What kinds of environmental monitoring can you add to your security system?

Monitored Fire Systems

Guardian’s monitored fire systems use photoelectric smoke detectors, which are particularly effective for identifying abnormally high levels of smoke associated with even small, smoldering fires before they get out of control. Not only can this help to protect your property, it can help to alert you and your loved ones to the potential danger associated with smoke inhalation. In areas where smoke detectors cannot be used, for example a furnace room, kitchen or laundry room, heat detectors detect abnormally high ambient heat. Guardian’s smoke and heat detectors signal Guardian’s 24-hour, award-winning monitoring center who will notify emergency services and try to make contact with you.

Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

A monitored carbon monoxide detector not only gives you early warning of abnormally high amounts of carbon monoxide gas but also alerts the monitoring center who can notify emergency assistance. You can also get a text notification that the detector has gone off, so you’ll know about it whether you are at home or not.  This can be particularly important when you and your family are sleeping. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous so the advanced awareness could make a huge difference.

Low Temperature Sensors

Low temperature sensors detect when a location’s temperature has dropped below 45°F and sound an alert. You can have them set up to alert our 24-7 monitoring center and to send alerts to your phone or email inbox. This is particularly helpful to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter. Repairing damaged pipes can be very costly, but early warning can help detect an emergency.

Fire, carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring help you keep your environment monitored so that your house is as safe as it can be. With Guardian’s U.S.-based, U.L. certified monitoring centers, you can feel confident in knowing that whether you’re home or not, we’ll respond to any alerts from your environmental detectors and sensors.

Learn more about what makes our monitoring center unique.

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