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How Your Home Security System Helps Protect Your Neighborhood

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, it’s National Crime Prevention Month and so we wanted to discuss the impact home security systems can have on your local community’s rate of crime. If you’re trying to make your home less burglar-friendly, it may have some effects on the whole community.

Find Local Crime Statistics

The first thing you should take into consideration when doing your best to prevent crime is understanding how your neighborhood is at risk. You can do this by finding out your local crime stats. Crime can happen anywhere but it can be helpful to know how often crimes happen where you live and what kind of crimes are the most common.

Think Like a Burglar

The next thing you can do to prevent crime in your home is to install and advertise the fact that you have a security system. A 2013 study found that 60% of surveyed convicted burglars admitted that evidence of a home alarm system would be a deterrent, causing them to seek another target. An older study found that residences without alarm systems are approximately three times more likely to be burglarized than residences with alarm systems. When it comes down to it, alarm systems do more than just notify you when a burglary may have occurred; they also act as a sign to potential burglars that your house is not the easy target they are looking for.

Lock Your Doors Regularly

Personal habits can also help prevent burglary. Make sure you keep all access points locked and don’t leave ladders or tools out where they could be used by a potential burglar. In 2015, 35.5 percent of burglaries were not forcible entries which means a burglar entered unlawfully such as through an open door or window. For the most part, you can prevent this subsection of crime by being cautious. Several aspects of a Guardian security system can help with this as well, from a smart lock to door/window sensors that can be set up to give you notifications when left open.

Get Involved in Neighborhood Watch

If you already have home security installed in your home you have made great strides in attempting to prevent crime in your home. A helpful next step is talking to others in the community about working together. You can recommend a security system to your neighbors. Not only does this make your whole neighborhood look less appealing to potential burglars, but some security systems (like Guardian) offer incentives for referring your friends and family if they then get a system. Your community can also start a neighborhood crime watch to help catch potential criminals in their tracks.


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