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Use a Smart Thermostat to Control the Temperature in Your Home

Setting your thermostat to a temperature and never changing it isn’t really an option as the weather changes in fall. If you live in an area where the weather is very variable between summer and fall, it’s even more important to have a strategy in place for this time of year. It’s not just your comfort at stake, either, because the routine temperature of your home can significantly affect your energy bill each month. This is why a smart thermostat could be your best friend in autumn (and honestly all year long).

How Smart Thermostats Work

When you can control the temperature of your home from your internet-connected smart phone, you don’t have to worry if the temperature outside suddenly rises or drops. Depending on where you live, October can have pretty warm days and pretty cold ones, but you don’t have to worry about coming home to an uncomfortable house.

But even if you have a smart thermostat, what temperature should you try to maintain in your house? Though it’s different for everyone, there are general guidelines for maximizing energy efficiency. First, it is advised that you set up a schedule so that your temperature is lower when you are out of the house (while you’re at work, for example) or when you are sleeping. If you can get about 8 hours a day of a temperature that’s 10-15 degrees lower than usual, your energy usage could be reduced by 5-15 percent according to Energy.gov. The idea that it takes more energy to get the heat back up to a comfortable temperature is a myth.

With Guardian, you can set up a schedule like this from your MyGuardianHome account. If your schedule isn’t consistent, you can also automate your thermostat to change temperatures based on your location or even the temperature outside. This gives you a great amount of control to make sure that your home’s temperature is dynamic and efficient without you having to constantly adjust it on your own. Many people don’t program their thermostats because it’s difficult, but Guardian customers can easily control their home’s temperatures all year long. If you are interested in adding a smart thermostat to your Guardian system, call us at 1-800- PROTECT (1-800-776-8328).

How to Make Your Home More Efficient

There are other things you can do to make sure your home is comfortable but that you aren’t wasting energy. Make sure that you aren’t heating unused rooms by closing vents and doors to those rooms. Make sure there are no cracks around your windows or doors and get used to getting cozy with a comfy sweatshirt or warm beverage. If you’re going to attempt to keep the house a little cooler than your family is used to, do it slowly. If you lower the temperature by one degree every couple of days, your family and you might be less likely to notice an abrupt difference in comfort.

The last, very important factor is to get your heating equipment inspected regularly by an expert. You can do a lot of work to use your thermostat more effectively but if your equipment is old and not functioning properly, you will still have trouble with energy use.

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