How Cameras Make Your Holidays Easier

Video cameras for surveillance and home security can be valuable. A 2013 study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that visible video surveillance was an effective deterrent for convicted burglars. Deterring a burglar or catching one in the act is a huge benefit of security camera devices, but they can also make your life much more convenient –particularly when you’re very busy during the holiday season.

Guardian offers three main types of video security devices: indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and the HD Video doorbell. Any one of these devices could make your life easier every day, especially during the holidays.  Here’s how:

Start at the door– An HD Video doorbell is a great tool when you are having a lot of people come to your door. Whether you’re having a lot of packages delivered or have some guests coming to visit, you’ll be notified when someone rings the doorbell and you’ll be able to see who they are and talk to them, all from your -internet-connected smartphone. As you’re anxiously preparing for festivities, you don’t have to worry about always being able to answer the door. Pair the video doorbell with a smart lock and things get even more convenient.

Check-in– Whether you have to run out to grab something, or are traveling to see family for a couple of days, you can look into your home using the live video feature. This is a great feature for checking in on your pets when you’re at work, making sure the kids got home after school or just checking to make sure that everything looks fine when you’re travelling. Any time you have your smart phone and internet access, you have access to see wherever you have focused your camera. Indoor cameras can be easy to move around, as well, if you have a particular area of interest that you want to monitor. You can even zoom in if you want to see something closer.

Record it– Set up your camera to capture video clips triggered by specific actions, like when a certain door opens or your alarm goes off. You can use this to monitor where you’re hiding the presents or just to make sure that you catch any funny business going on in your home, yard or at the front door. Catch something you want to share? You can easily share with the Guardian App.

All these features are a click away through the Guardian App. No matter what your holiday plans are, this time of year is stressful. In conjunction with a home security system, your video security can lend a helping hand and give you extra peace of mind in your home whether you are entertaining in your home, have family to stay as guests or are travelling during the season.

If you’re interested in Guardian Video security, call 1-800-PROTECT.

34 thoughts on “How Cameras Make Your Holidays Easier

      1. Hi Dace,
        There are a couple of different factors involved with the pricing of the doorbell. I will have a representative reach out to you to talk about pricing and compatibility.

        Katelyn G.
        Customer Satisfaction Advocate

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I will have a sales representative reach out to you to discuss cost and compatibility with your system.

      Thank you,
      Katelyn G.
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

    2. Existing customer. Need quote to add outside cameras and doorbell. Would like camera over pool and east side door.

    3. I’m a long, long time customer and I would like to have cameras in the front and back of my home. Would like to find-out the additional cost?
      Have your customer service rep. call me in January 2018.

    1. Thank you for your interest, Linda. I’ll have a representative contact you to discuss options for adding video security to your system!

      Katelyn G.
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

      1. I would like to have security cameras but I bought a doorbell camera from you and it has never worked right, I’m afraid the same thing
        will happen with the cameras,

      2. Hi Delbert, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the doorbell cameras. I’d be happy to look into this for you. Please reach out via email at so I can get some more information. Thanks.

        Katelyn G.
        Customer Satisfaction Advocate

    1. Hi Andre,
      I have sent your request to our sales team and someone should be reaching out to you to discuss options!

      Katelyn G.
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

    1. Pricing and compatibility varies based on device and system. If you would like to discuss pricing with a representative, please call 1-800-PROTECT.

      Katelyn G.
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

      1. Hello, do you have outside surveillance cameras? If so what is the cost?
        Thank you,
        Victoria Guercio

  1. Yeah I wanted your cameras, but you guys just refused to work with me, after being a good customer for 20 years. That’s the thanks I got.

  2. I am interested in finding out what the costs are associated with these systems. Can you please have a representative get in touch with me.

  3. I would love to equip my house with every feature you guys offer because Guardian is lightyears ahead of the other companies. Unfortunately, the prices are a little steep to do it all. Are there upgrade packages to start upgrading my system little by little?

  4. Elmond Richards,

    November 10, 2017
    A long time loyal customer. Now that you have your new site running I would like to have my out doors cameras reconnected.
    I have been left vulnerable without the surveillance that I have contract for.
    Please have a representative contact me A. S.A.P.
    Thank you.

  5. Interested, I would like one at my house too, what is the cost? But my English not well to call you ,how can I do ? Please. I had been with Guardian for a while without camera

  6. I am a current customer, and would be interested in the doorbell camera, and possibly outdoor surveillance cameras. Please have someone to contact me regarding package deals to add on to my current service plan.

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