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Why It Matters That Your Security Company is US-Based

Federal, State and Local Compliance

Most of us like to think that we are well-informed about the companies whose services we buy. Sometimes, however, by the time we have a question or are in the midst of an emergency, we learn that the person we’re speaking to is in a call center outside of the country, leaving us to wonder what other things we don’t know about their company. This is particularly important if it happens to be your security monitoring company, because you entrust them to help protect your home and family, to quickly relate to your question or your emergency, and to always be in a position to take action on your behalf.

Relationships With First Responders

This is something you can count on with Guardian Protection Services. Our monitoring centers and our customer service centers are entirely U.S. based.  Our employees have working relationships with first responders in every community we serve and are in compliance with their specific emergency response protocols. And because we are stateside, we can quickly perform on-site quality control checks, conduct trainings and test new ideas that result in a better experience for you.

Our centers, located in the Pittsburgh, PA and Phoenix, AZ areas are also wholly owned by Guardian.  We are bi-lingual and service every U.S. time zone, and we live in many of the same communities we help protect.  your safety is our safety, too When you call Guardian you can expect to hear a familiar voice!

Armed Forces Appreciation Program

Being a U.S. based company means that we have an Armed Forces Appreciation Program in conjunction with federal law. For members of the uniformed services who receive military orders to relocate, we offer special options for your contract. U.S.-based Guardian employees help to build our country’s economy, right along with you, our valued customer.

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