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The Importance of an Emergency Contact List for Your Home

An emergency contact is the person you trust most to be notified of an emergency at your home.  When is the last time you updated your emergency contact list? Did you set it up when you had your system installed and haven’t thought about it since?  If so, now is the time to review and update your list! These are the people you count on and ideally, they have a key to your residence.

Make Updates to Your Emergency List

Guardian’s monitoring center contacts one or more of your emergency contacts if they cannot reach you. Imagine what a difference this can make when Guardian receives a burglary, fire or medical emergency signal from your home’s security system. Help to ensure the best possible outcome by making sure your emergency contact list has no disconnected or wrong numbers or names of people who are no longer available.  It’s easy to do!

Don’t remember who is on your list? You can see your list by logging in to customercare.guardianprotection.com. You can make updates to your emergency contact list, too, from the web portal or you can also notify Guardian by calling 1-800-PROTECT.

Adding Contacts to Your Emergency List

If you need to reassess your emergency contact list, but aren’t sure who to include, remember that these people should be people you trust and who can easily get in contact with you in the case of an emergency.  You can also ask yourself the following questions when considering if someone is a good fit for your emergency contact list.

  • Does this person live close enough to visit my house and check on it in an emergency?
  • Do you feel comfortable teaching this person to use your system?
  • Would you trust this person with the responsibility of being on the contact list?
  • Does this person know how to get in contact with me even if you’re at work or travelling?
  • Are you willing to give this person a pass code and authority to know what’s going on with your home/system in an emergency?
  • Is this person good at answering the phone quickly when called?

After an emergency, Guardian customers sometimes call to tell us they are grateful that the monitoring center was able to connect with a trusted family member or friend during their absence in an emergency situation and for instance, assist authorities in making entry to their home without damaging the door or before things escalated to a more serious point.  We’d like you to have that same peace of mind. Be sure to check your emergency contact list today and update it if necessary.


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