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Real Life Horrors: A Burglary

While I was away, an intruder broke a basement window, activating the alarm. Guardian immediately directed the police to my home, contacted me on my cellphone and notified my emergency contacts.”-C.R., Maryland

Have you ever come home to an unexpectedly open door, only to go inside to find that many of your valuables were missing? Burglaries occur once every 18 seconds according to FBI statistics. Can you imagine the fear of not knowing what happened or whether the burglar was still in your home? C.R. did not have to go through this surprise and fear. His Guardian security system sounded when a break-in occurred and Guardian’s monitoring center called him immediately. Learn what happened next by reading C.R.’s story.

I love how responsive Guardian’s monitoring people are. They quickly notified the police, which resulted in the apprehension of an intruder in my home

While I was away, an intruder broke a basement window and opened the basement door, activating the alarm. In response, Guardian immediately called my home; the intruder answered and gave the wrong password. Guardian did everything right. They directed the police to my home, contacted me on my cell phone, and notified my contacts. They even told me which door was entered.

When the police arrived at my home, they apprehended the intruder, for which I am very thankful. Actually, I am thrilled to have my Guardian alarm system. I feel safe. My home is thoroughly monitored, and I don’t even walk my dogs without my Guardian system being activated. I previously had another security company and was not happy with them. Guardian is the best!

– C.R., Maryland

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