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Real Life Horrors: A Medical Emergency

Another 15 minutes and I’d have been gone. Guardian helped to save me!

Charles P., Ohio

You know how some times when you wake up you just don’t feel right? Sometimes there’s a simple explanation but this could also be indicative of a serious medical problem. This is what happened to Charles. One morning he woke up and within seconds he was experiencing a medical emergency. His wife acted quickly to use her keypad to ask for help and Guardian’s monitoring center took it from there. Read his story below.

I woke up feeling nauseated and dizzy. I tried to get up but fell. My wife went to the Guardian keypad and just pressed the little button. She didn’t have to call or anything. The paramedics were here in five minutes.

I was bleeding internally and spent five days in the hospital. I had to have three blood transfusions.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where they can get one of those “little Guardian buttons.” I think people should know what a lifesaver they are.

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