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How to Help Your Guests Feel Welcome in Your Smart Home

Over the holiday season you may have friends staying in your home while they visit. Seeing those who live far away can be very enjoyable, but being a host during the already busy holiday times, can add some extra stress in your life. If you have a smart home, it’s likely that you take advantage of the conveniences smart devices can add to your life. With a couple of adjustments, these devices can make hosting easier and more comfortable for your guests.

Greet Guests with a Video Doorbell

When your guests arrive, you might be busily preparing for the upcoming festivities. If you’re in the middle of mixing up some cookies or wrapping gifts, you might not be able to drop everything and answer the door right away. An HD Video Doorbell allows you to answer the door from your smartphone anywhere you have internet access. You can see who is at the door, tell your guests that you’ll be down in a minute or even unlock the door if you also have a smart lock.

Use Smart Locks for Keyless Entry

One difficult part of the holiday rush is people coming and going. When you have guests staying in your home, they may need to come or go at a time that you are busy or not around. With a smart lock, you don’t have to worry about having them be responsible for an extra key. Just assign your guests a temporary entry code that expires when their visit is over. This gives your guests flexibility, and you can keep up with where they are by setting up notifications for when the passcode is used.

Smart Thermostat

Part of keeping your guests comfortable is managing the temperature of your home. You’ve probably experienced being at someone’s home and being very hot or cold and it can negatively impact your time. The smart thermostat allows you to make changes on the fly to keep your home’s temperature comfortable if you notice your guest seems uncomfortable. If you’re throwing a get- together, the increased number of people could increase the temperature in your home. You can adjust the temperature quickly from your smart phone and not have to stop whatever else you’re doing.

Lighting Control

Lighting control can also help your guests stay comfortable. If someone is planning to arrive after you’ve headed to bed, you can automate the light around the front door to stay on as long as you need. Guests may not know your home as well as you do, so having the lights on when they arrive allows them to avoid stumbling around in the dark or failing to find a light switch.

Voice Control

Take your automation up a level by using an Amazon Echo to control everything by voice control. With voice control, you don’t even need to put down what you’re doing to manage your devices. You can also use an Echo to play some quiet music during a party. If you have an Amazon Echo voice control device and a Guardian smart home security system, download the Guardian skill to get started in making the two work together for your benefit.





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