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How to Set Up A Santa Alert

If you have children who believe in Santa, you probably know it can be hard to make each Christmas more special than the last and keep the magic alive. This year, you can utilize your smart home security system to entertain your kids and “prove” that Santa came. Just set up a Santa Alert and use sensors you already have so you can get an alert when Santa enters your home.

  1. On Christmas Eve, you can log into MyGuardianHome.com and rename one of your sensors to “Chimney.” If you don’t have a chimney and Santa enters your home a different way, personalize this step to the story you share with the kids. You can even name it a “Santa Sensor.”Alert screenshot 1.jpg
  2. Then all you need to do is set up a notification. Choose “Add New Notification” and choose “Sensor Activity.”
    alert screenshot 2.jpg
    You’ll be able to choose the newly named sensor and any other requirements you want. Then choose “Save” and you’ll be ready to go.alert screenshot 3.jpg
  3. You can explain to your kids that you’re going to use your security system to try to catch Santa, but that they should be in bed when he comes so he doesn’t turn around. It helps if your kids know a little about how your Guardian system works and have seen a notification before.
  4. Trigger the sensor after the kids have gone to bed and leave the alert up for the morning. When your kids wake you up in the morning you’ll have something really cool to show them.

Want to use your system and notifications to take it up a notch? Leading up to the holiday season, you can use your sensors to keep your kids out of the closet you hide the presents in. This works best if you have a point of interest sensor and if you are storing gifts in an area that has  a door, such as a closet or a room. You can even make your room or the spare room off limits so that it can be “present zone”. Sensors will help you enforce the rule.

On Christmas Eve night, depending on where your motion detector is installed, it you may be able to detect if someone sneaks out to the tree when they aren’t supposed to.

To really impress everyone with your smart home security system this holiday, you can “catch” Santa in the act. If you have an indoor security camera or an image sensor and a Santa suit you can catch video clips of Santa to show the kids. Even if the footage only catches Santa’s boots, your kids will be excited to see that Santa really did show up when they were sleeping

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