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Four True Guardian Stories

Curious what it is like to be a Guardian customers? Here are 4 recent true stories that are our real happy customers from across the country have shared online on places like Consumer Affairs and Facebook. Read their actual experiences and if you’d like to start your own home security journey, you can visit www.GuardianProtection.com.

Larry W., Indiana 

“Guardian was recommended by our daughter and it’s been outstanding with them. Mike did a tremendous job explaining the product and telling us how it worked. We were very impressed with him and the way that he approached us. He didn’t take us for granted just because our daughter was their customer and I really liked that.

When the technician came out to install, he went right to work. He didn’t mess around and didn’t waste any time. That was impressive, too. He took care of his business and showed us how to operate the system. Guardian is better than what we had in Arkansas. This one seems to be a lot simpler. The smartphone features also seem to be a good deal. I’m sure it will be easy to use when we get around to using it. My wife is the security person and she likes being able to arm the house. And even while we’re inside the house, she likes that extra security. Overall, Guardian did a good job with the selling and the installation and I would recommend them.”

Pauline E., Pennsylvania

” I have had guardian for my business for over 20 years! Excellent service and [monitoring]…would highly recommend them.”

Shaun A., Maryland

“We built a new home and the whole neighborhood has Guardian so we went with everybody else and we couldn’t be happier. We had ADT 15 years ago and technology has changed since then. We were looking to upgrade our home with the newest and greatest technology and Guardian does a lot of different things. We were floored by what we can put into a home as far as setting thermostat up on our phone before we get home and things of that nature.

The installer was professional and pleasant, and was above and beyond. Typically, when people have somebody come out to their house, they have more clients to see but the guy was there half a day. There were things that our builder had left out and the guy was patient enough to wait until the builder got there to install another electrical outlet. He set up the system on our multiple devices and showed us the ins and outs and how to navigate, with all the different cameras that we got, and just how to work things. I’m on the road 48 weeks out of a year so my wife is very happy with the system. I would tell a friend to sign up with Guardian.”

Alisha T., California

“We got Guardian to protect our business. We had a little problem with the system and we called and were put through to Alex Shay at the Clovis California location and he stayed on the phone with us until our issue was solved, even though he was was supposed to get off work an hour before. He was great, helpful and friendly!!! Problem solved and happy customers!!”

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