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How to Avoid Holiday Fire Risks

Nobody wants to have their holidays ruined by a fire in the home. With the increased use of lighting and cameras and the possible presence of a drying tree in your home, the fire risks around the holidays are a little different than usual.

1 in 3 Christmas Tree Fires Are Caused by Electrical Problems

Inspect holiday lights for any defects in the wiring and be sure to follow directions for how many light strands you can safely connect together.

1 in 4 Christmas Tree Fires Are Caused by a Heat Source Too Close To The Tree

Heat sources (fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, candles or heat vents) should be at least three feet from your tree.

1 in 31 Christmas Tree Fires Result in Death

Christmas tree fires aren’t extremely common but when they happen, they are more likely to be very serious and more likely to cause a death compared to home fires in general. Make sure if you have a real tree, you water it regularly and dispose of it when it is dry.

2 in 5 Home Decoration Fires Are Caused By Candles.

Candles should be one foot from anything that could burn. They also should be placed in places where they cannot easily be knocked down.

Home Candle Fires Peak in December

Sure, candles can be beautiful and relaxing, but they do bring risks with them. Consider investing in electric candles. Many look pretty convincing and even smell like a regular candle.

A few more tips:

  • Beware fraying wires on electrical decorations
  • Be particularly careful with old/vintage electrical decorations that may not be as fire-safe as modern ones
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before the holiday
  • Consider investing in a monitored fire alarm system



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