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Use Scenes for 1-Click Automation

The term home automation can be intimidating. Even the phrase “Smart home” might seem like something more complex or expensive than you could handle in your home. It’s not all like the movies, though, most of the smart home industry is just about making your life more easy, convenient and seamless.

Not all smart home products live up to this though. Sometimes they can be a big investment for little return in your day-to-day life. Setting them up is complex and it probably turns out you spent more time trying to get them to work than you would have going about your life as usual and not having the smart convenience in your home at all.

The “Scenes” feature in the Guardian app is a great illustration of how your life can be easier with one click. What are Scenes? They are just a set of automations that occur at once to create a “scene” like in a movie. The scenes that are automatically recommended by the Guardian app include “Home,” “Away,” “Sleep” and “Wake Up.”

You can add anything to those four initial scenes and adjust them to your liking. You can also add your own scenes for situations particular to your life.

With Scenes, you can just click the icon at the top of your Guardian app and several actions will all occur at once. How you use the Scenes feature depends on what technology you have. You can arm/disarm your system and control your smart lock, smart thermostat, lighting, and garage door at one moment. When you set up a Scene you can name it whatever you like and dedicate an icon, color, and tasks.

Scenes should be used for a series of events that that you want to happen over and over. This way scenes are put to the best use and become an easy, seamless part of your routine.

Set up your scenes in the Guardian app and MyGuardianHome.com. This allows your already convenient system to be even easier to use every day. Use just one app and just one click to control your whole smart home with Guardian. Questions? Call 1-800-PROTECT.

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